Calvary News | June 2022

June 30, 2022

Calvary Tabernacle | Main Campus

Calvary Tabernacle hit the ground running in 2022. All of the Calvary Connection Groups approached the new year intentionally, promoting fellowship and unity with their members. One of the most wonderful examples of this was the Calvary Marriage Seminar held in February. Darin and Duana Sargent, the guest speakers for the seminar, poured into the married and engaged couples of our church for two days. It was an incredible event with approximately three hundred in attendance. Following the marriage seminar, Calvary launched into a season of dynamic revival events.

Marriage Seminar speakers, Darin and Duana Sargent

The Calvary Kids Department hosted a life-changing Kids Revival at the church on February 18th-20th. The revival provided opportunities for the kids and staff to have encounters with The Almighty. The three services averaged 174 attendees and several young people received the Holy Ghost and were baptized in the precious Name of Jesus.

Calvary Kids Revival

The Calvary Spanish Ministry hosted, Conferencia de Avivamiento, a Spanish revival on March 18th-20th. Ryan Crossly, an outstanding apostolic voice and bilingual preacher, spoke at this unprecedented event. Services on Friday and Saturday night were primarily in Spanish while Sunday morning and Sunday night services were bilingual. It was a beautiful time of worship, preaching, and bilingual fellowship.

The Calvary Youth hosted a youth revival on March 25th-27th. Evangelist Landon Gore was the special speaker for this three-day event. Many elements of the revival were student-led, giving Calvary Youth the opportunity to learn and grow in their own ministries. The presence of God was felt in every service and the Calvary Youth were forever impacted by this revival.

Palm Sunday and Easter were beautiful services, celebrating the resurrection victory of Jesus. On Palm Sunday evening, the congregation came together for a special communion service. On Easter Sunday, there were an incredible number of guests in attendance and Pastor Carson so eloquently preached about the unending love of God.

Pastor Carson preaching on Easter Sunday

Sunday, May 8th was the last service held before major renovations began on the main Fountain Square campus. The Calvary Tabernacle family and a host of skilled laborers and contractors have been hard at work on the tear out, clean up, and remodel of the building. Through this time Calvary Tabernacle has been continuing services at Calvary Christian School (CCS), located just south of the Fountain Square campus. So many volunteers worked diligently to make "Our Summer Home", CCS, truly feel like home. The anticipated return date to the Fountain Square campus is August 7th. Whether at 902 Fletcher or 3639 S. Keystone, God is continuing to move at Calvary Tabernacle.

Sanctuary under construction

Service in the gym at Calvary Christian School

Calvary Tabernacle | Camby Campus

This year, Calvary Camby has made some changes to better fit the needs of the members and community. Sunday services have continued in the main sanctuary but Wednesday evening gatherings have taken on a new format. Wednesday evenings have shifted toward a more casual, conversational Bible study in the fellowship hall in a round table format. Then on the last Wednesday of every month, there is a more traditional Bible study service held in the main sanctuary.

Thanks to the help of faithful saints and volunteers, Calvary’s Camby Campus kicked off Easter by canvassing 2,000 surrounding homes with door hangers. The effort paid off, and the campus saw a record breaking 22 visitors for Easter. Over 100 people attended the service and community egg hunt, and two souls were baptized in Jesus’ name.

Calvary Camby members outside of church

Camby, under the leadership of Campus Pastors Josh & Sarah Sizemore, has continued to work hard in the community. On June 8th they participated in the 4H Fair held at Decatur High School. Church members passed out cards, invited participants of the fair to church, and held a drawing to win a Keurig or smoker. The entire Calvary family is trusting God to bring the increase as we continue to plant seeds in the Camby community.

Calvary Tabernacle | Greenwood Campus

The people of Calvary Tabernacle Greenwood have been busy about our Father’s business. The congregation has enjoyed getting to know the new facility and neighbors. Kevin & Kaity Burzynski, the Greenwood Campus Pastors, work hard and have done an incredible job making everyone feel welcome at 99 Broadway Street.

Big changes have been made to the building thanks to the work of many volunteers. The entry, main hallway, doors, nursery, toddler classroom, bathroom, and fellowship hall were repaired and have a new coat of paint. The door hinges were all sandblasted and new doorknobs installed. The toddler classroom was furnished with new items and a mothers nursery room was added for the growing congregation.

Calvary Greenwood

Along with the aesthetic repairs, updates have been made to much of the plumbing and electrical. The bathrooms were remodeled, including new vanities, faucets, lighting, urinals, drywall repairs, doors for the restroom stalls, and new flooring. Updated lighting and electrical outlets were installed in the entryway, the carpets were shampooed, and the new sanctuary chairs were delivered. A generous monetary donation was made for a new baptismal tank, and the baptismal area is being updated with new flooring, paint, and ceilings. The new signage outside the building is up and welcoming people home.

In addition to the renovations, the church has been experiencing amazing services each week, with 74 in attendance on Easter Sunday. Many exciting things are still to come. Calvary Greenwood is eager and ready for the revival the Lord has promised.

Calvary Greenwood members participating in community parade

Calvary Christian School

The seniors kept the Valentine’s tradition going this year, with the Valentine's Crush Fundraiser. Students of all ages were excited to send and receive Crush Sodas, text-o-grams, and Rice Krispy treats to their friends, crushes, parents, and grandparents. The seniors raised over $1,100.00 to help fund their senior trip.

Raylene McCreery, the school librarian, once again organized the Scholastic Book Fair to raise funds for the library and classroom libraries. Held February 18th-26th, this was a record-breaking year for the CCS Book Fair with over $3,500.00 sold in books. There was a great turn out for the book fair breakfast on Saturday, February 26th. Over $1,300.00 in books was sold in two hours.

CCS Fest BBQ Competition came back after several years of hiatus. On April 9th, CCS hosted 42 BBQ teams and 70 judges from eight states, for a BBQ competition and community outreach. Over 400 people came out from the church and community to sample from food trucks, listen to IBC and CCS students sing, play games, and enjoy the bounce houses. Proceeds from CCS Fest went to Calvary Christian School. The day was made possible by volunteers and donations.

CCS had a once-in-a-lifetime celebration for Chuck and Candi Barcus who retired on June 3rd after many years of educational service. Chuck Barcus has served as the Principal of CCS for 40 years with his wife Candi serving alongside him in various roles every step of the way. One of the CCS parents, a helicopter pilot, rented a helicopter and took the Barcuses up for their official send-off. The Barcuses have been instrumental in providing a sound education, with a Godly foundation, to the students of Calvary Christian School. After the helicopter send-off, a celebration was held for them at The Nest Event Center. The Barcuses have touched many lives during their tenure. Under their guidance, CCS has expanded and moved locations, received accreditation through ICAA, and so much more. Their dedication and hard work are deeply appreciated, and their retirement is well-earned.

Barcuses posing for photo at their retirement open-house at The Nest

Katy Collins, previously the Assistant Principal, steps into the role of principal, starting with the 2022-23 school year. Her faith and passion for educating the next generations is evident in the work she has already done. Additionally, Lawrence Matthews, Youth Pastor at Calvary Tabernacle's main campus, was installed as the new CCS Campus Pastor. He is excited for this new opportunity to connect with and guide the young people of Calvary Christian School.

Along with CCS receiving new accreditation status, Calvary Christian Childcare (CCC), a new entity of Calvary Tabernacle, launches this fall. CCC will be an accredited day care and pre-school located within the existing Calvary Christian School facility. Larissa Conley has been appointed as the Calvary Christian Childcare Director. She is working hard to prepare for the soft launch of CCC scheduled for fall of this year.

Indiana Bible College

On January 28th, Indiana Bible College (IBC) held their annual live recording. Calvary's main campus was filled with worshippers from all over the country, excited to be part of the event. The tremendous amount of work, prayer, and effort from all involved made IBC LIVE an amazing night. The album, Welcome Home, can be purchased through the online IBC store.

IBC LIVE 2022 "Welcome Home"

Indiana Bible College kept students on their toes this spring semester. One of IBC’s most anticipated events of the school year was the trip to Baker’s Book House in Michigan. Hosted by the IBC Theology Club, students had the opportunity to connect with staff, learn about reading effectively, and get advice on how to build a personal library. Students were able to explore the bookstore and pick out books to add to their collections.

In February, IBC saw a record number of student attendees at their Preview Weekend. Director of Promotions, Kevin Burzynski did an incredible job organizing teams and making the weekend a success. One-hundred and seventy high school juniors and seniors were on campus to learn all the reasons to say, “Yes!” to Indiana Bible College. The prospective students attended classes, chapel, gym nights, and the annual Worship Studies Concert.

IBC President Josh Carson speaking at Preview Weekend Chapel

On February 10th, IBC students attended their annual Valentine’s Day banquet. Featuring skits, laughs, food, and s’mores, the banquet allowed students and their dates to relax, have fun, and connect.

Over the Indiana Bible College spring break, the IBC Urban Missions Club took a mission trip to the Navajo tribes in Totatchi, New Mexico. Jim Sleeva led twenty students on this life-changing trip. The students spent time in the community, connecting with the tribe members and ministering to them.

IBC Pastor's Day was a time to honor and promote pastoral involvement. IBC hosted over 70 Pastors and their wives, on March 29th, who attended classes, chapel, and a special banquet with their student(s).

Indiana Bible College Music Fest took place on March 29th-April 1st. IBC Music Fest began over 25 years ago, as a one-day seminar conducted by Dr. Lindel M. Anderson during his first year as IBC's Dean of Worship Studies. The conference is designed to challenge and inspire those involved in church music and worship arts ministries. The teaching staff includes some of the most outstanding music ministers, directors, musicians, songwriters, and recording artists in the Apostolic movement. The goal is to continue expanding the scope of the conference, introducing new classes and clinicians, and making Music Fest an even better and more resourceful experience. There were over 400 registered for the three-day event with many more in attendance for the evening worship concerts.

The IBC Theology Club hosted its annual conference on April 5th-7th. The theme of the conference was Foundations (Psalm 11:3). During this time, guest speaker Jason Pearcy encouraged students to stay firm in their biblical foundations.

Quincey Coffee, the new IBC coffee shop, officially opened February 21st of 2022. Ken Faulkner, Wayne Turner, and Che Parker led the renovation efforts and transformed the old IBC bookstore into a fresh, modern coffee bar and cafe space for students. It was named after Quincey Coffey, a popular student with an amazing testimony, who was respected by the student body. He was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in October of his senior year. The proceeds from the coffee shop fund the Quincey Coffey Memorial Scholarship, which is given out to a qualifying student each year. The coffee shop also funds on-campus job opportunities for students to work for credit toward their school bill. Maretta Nelson, IBC Alumni (2021) has done a great job bringing this dream to reality as the manager of Quincey Coffee.

Quincey Coffee

Perhaps most notably, IBC underwent a major rebrand this summer, including a new logo system and color palette. Kaylin Dye, the lead designer on this project, went through a process to deconstruct the crest. It became clear that the Bible was the critical and primary piece in the IBC crest and thus, the Bible became the main building block for the new mark. IBC President Josh Carson summed up the rebrand by saying, "The future is bright. The logo is new, but our mission is the same."

New IBC logo

Finally, IBC is currently undergoing a major remodel to the campus library. Through the help of generous donors and the IBC Alumni Association the goal of raising $32,500 to remodel the library has been exceeded. This remodel will expand the space, bring in natural light, update fixtures and features, and add study areas and space for student collaboration. The project is on track to be completed in time for the fall 2022 semester

Staff Q&A

Kevin Burzynski, Greenwood Campus Pastor and Indiana Bible College Promotions Director

Kevin and Kaity Burzynski

Q: What book or story has had the biggest impact on you (Bible or otherwise)? Why?

A: I love reading about the life of David. We see so much of the development process from a young age and through the years of his being king. I've clung to the book of Philippians as well. It's comforting and encouraging.

Q: Three apps on your phone you can’t live without?

A: Stocks, Bear, Messages

Q: What is your favorite question to ask people when you’re getting to know them?

A: “What's your story?”

Q: Before being called to ministry, what did you think you were going to do with your life?

A: I wanted to be a lawyer. I used to read John Grisham novels at an age when I should have been doing something else.

Q: Which scriptures do you lean on during difficult times?

A: Galatians 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

Q: You have an entire day to yourself - nothing on the calendar and no calls, texts, or emails to contend with - what do you do?

A: I would probably take my family to an outdoor location to hike. My son loves his child carrier backpack.